How to clearing plush toys once need

- Feb 27, 2019-

In life, I always like to buy some plush toys, but after dirty, it is not very clean, what should I do? Now Xiaobian will teach you a few very simple methods!

Plush toys are cleaned: First prepare a bag of coarse salt, large grain or industrial salt, a plastic bag. We put the dirty plush toy into a plastic bag, put a proper amount of coarse salt, and then tie the mouth. Shake hard. After a few minutes, the toy is clean, we are watching the salt has turned black. Remember: not washing is sucking! Note: It can also be used for plush toys of different lengths; fur collar and cuffs; also can be used for car seat cushions

Washing method: You can use the tape to stain the parts that are afraid of wear, put it into the washing machine, wash it, dry it, hang it in the shade, and tap the toy intermittently to make the fur and stuffing fluffy and soft. In general, the quality of the plush and filler of the branded toys is good, and the shape recovered after cleaning is also good. Inferior plush is easy to change after cleaning.

Use a vacuum cleaner, put the straw into the strap and tighten it. Take a while and take a shot until the lime is completely cleaned. Method 2: 1. Put water and silky detergent in the pot first, stir the water in the pot with a soft brush or other tools to stir up the rich foam; then use a soft brush to stain the foam with the soft brush. The surface brush is clean, so be careful not to get too much moisture on the brush.


In general, we recommend surface washing if it is not a particularly arrogant and vulnerable toy. But those plush toys that move, talk, or have electronic and mechanical parts must not be wet. Old-fashioned dolls made of pottery or porcelain generally do not have a protective coating. If washed with water, the oil on the face may be dissolved. Freezing method: It is necessary to remove the antibacterial plush baby in a sealed plastic bag and put it into the freezer of the refrigerator for 24 hours. Note that this method does not apply to plush baby filled with wood chips and foam.

Sun exposure: Sun exposure is the simplest and most labor-saving way to clean plush toys. Ultraviolet rays can effectively kill some invisible bacteria and ensure the basic hygiene of the plush toys. However, it should be noted that this method is only suitable for the lighter color of the plush, because the fabric and material are different, and some may be easily faded. When it is exposed to the sun, it should be placed outdoors. If the sunlight is irradiated through the glass, it will not function as any sterilization. It is very good to take the plush toys out to the outside.

Do you understand? In fact, it is really simple!

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