Plush toys

- Jul 30, 2016-

A plush toy is a toy, it is made of plush fabric +pp cotton and other textiles, as the main fabric, packing all kinds of fillings made of toys, English name for (plush toy), can also be called soft toys (soft toy), stuffed toys (stuffed toy) of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao region of China became "plush Doll". We habitually called soft toy plush toys.

Plush toy with real sweet, soft touch, not afraid of squeezing, easy to clean, decorative, high security, population-wide application and so on. Plush toys for children's toys, decorative House and gifts are all good choices.


Plush toys based on the characteristics of the product for the following four categories:

1, according to the production features plush toys, products are basically filler, so you can generally plush toy, stuffed short stuffed toys

2, can be classified according to fill stuffed toys or stuffed toys;

3, stuffed toys based on the appearance of different consists of plush stuffed toys, Velvet toys, napped wool-stuffed toys;

Appearance can be divided into 4, according to the toy-filled animal toy, intelligent electronics, movement, sound animal toys or dolls, a variety of holiday gifts and toys.

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