Plush Toys Knowledge

- Mar 09, 2019-

1. Fabric: Fabric can be roughly divided into two categories: cloth plush
1. Cloth can be divided into T/C cloth, needle-iron cloth, border-rumble cloth, Beijing cloth, espresso cloth, ruffled cloth, denim cloth, netting cloth, Satin cloth, down cloth, cotton cloth, etc. ___________________
2. The wool cloth can be divided into long wool, short wool, ball-rolling wool, curly wool, washing wool and so on. 3. According to the wool, it can be divided into two kinds: A yarn and V yarn.
Secondly, accessories can be divided into: eyes... Cartoon Eye, Crystal Eye, Flat Eye, Flat Eye
Nose... Bare nose Growing hair nose Flat nose Triangular nose and other toys (button shoulder flower, etc.)
Line... 60/4_40/3_60/6_60/82/09 wax line and other colored lines, meson_eyelid_zipper_Mozhu paste_various PVC.EVA films, etc.
With... T/C tape cotton, etc braided tape sub-fencing, etc
3. Packaging materials: cartons, color boxes (display type, window type, folding type, etc.); paper cards, plain cards, rubber bags (PE, PO, PP, etc.); instructions, color cards, hanging cards, hanging tags, rubber needles, hanging hooks and accessories, etc.

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