Traditional culture of ancient toys

- Jul 30, 2016-

In the course of development of China's toy, Chinese traditional culture on toy design had played a very important role in toy design has also been considerable influence of traditional culture. Toys in China has a long history, long before the Neolithic human of the original toys, such as stone and ceramic whistles the ball. And in numerous ancient toys, Board toys is most deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture. Once in the Tang dynasty Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, as one of the four cultural accomplishment. Ancient chess toys such as go, chess, popular chess remains the country's most popular toys. In ancient China, the literati would often play chess with their associated with literary creation. Therefore, Board toys is not only an elegant event, which also contains high intelligence requirements to play chess, it can not only have fun, and that intelligence can be developed, combining tradition with toy design and one of the best examples.

Design of traditional Chinese culture into the modern toys

How to make Chinese traditional culture into the modern toy design? This is my toy designers are thinking about the conversation, toys not only can make a play, and users can bring interesting things. China's traditional culture, contains a rich cultural connotations, if you can put the two together is an inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, but also to toy design and development.

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