What is the fabric of suede:

- Mar 27, 2019-

What is the fabric of suede

Hey, read jǐ, belongs to the deer family, but only the male has a short angle, the stem is stretched backwards, the corner is bent inside, generally does not divide or only divides a small mole, the base of the angle forms a longitudinal on the face. Ridge. The skull is slightly triangular and the tears are prominent. The scorpion hair is shorter and thinner than other deer species; the limbs are slender, the hoof is narrow and pointed; the large upper canines are curved and crooked, but compared to the sputum and sputum ,smaller. Suede is a fabric made from suede.

But the suede is not all made of real animal velvet, there are natural and artificial points. The methods of artificial suede are woven, knitted, non-woven, and the like. In the current cloth market, suede is mostly referred to as all kinds of faux leather, such as denim denim, leather, warp, velvet, velvet, double-sided imitation leather. Cashmere, elastic faux leather and so on. Therefore, we must look clearly when we want to buy real natural suede, pay attention to distinguish.

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