Japan A Pair Of Otters Driven Twin Becomes Famous Otter Plush Toy Market

- Jul 30, 2016-

According to Japanese media reports, was born in March of this year in Japan Kagoshima Hirakawa Zoo a pair of twin otters, born became the Zoo's "red". Their lovely gesture quickly becoming hot topic, relevant video hits the momentum reached 200,000.

According to reports, the twins weighs only 60 grams at birth, only Palm size. But only 2.5 months after the weight has exceeded 800 grams. Otter Keeper social networking site to upload records growth of content has already been forwarded more than 7,000 times.

For concern beyond the Zoo logo koala bear and the Otter twins, said the popularity of "unexpected". At this stage, twin otters just hours before the tourists showing your face, but is expected to start in early June, will always appear in front of visitors.

It is learnt that the keeper explain the event to be held the same day, as long as the twins appeared, to families and couples will be filled with a burst of cheers. It is understood that the present Beaver stuffed toys are also quite popular.

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