Jiangxi College Students Donate Plush Toy

- Jul 30, 2016-

Afraid of being "white", and other people of "hair bear" and the mischievous "demon Wang Huba" ... ... On March 24, North East China Jiaotong University the compassion Club in the school dining room door holding "free Toy collecting donations." To find dormant Doll "new home" plush toys donated to the mountain children, move has received positive responses from the students.

In addition to donation, love specially organized members of the school door collection, after getting in touch with the donor, active to the bedroom by the donors get to collection of Plush Dolls, convenient for bedrooms far from the collection of the students love. As of noon, activity collected to sizes, different types of Plush Toys more than 30 pieces.

The activities head, and East National Chiao Tung University love social President Wang Songying said, many near graduated of students often worry hair velvet toy of processing problem, directly throw and waste, away and not too convenient, will these doll unified collection up donated to poverty children, not only to in school students brings convenient, avoid resources waste, more can to has need of children are with to accompanied and warm, let they no longer alone. It is understood that this activity by East China Jiaotong University the compassion club organized jointly with the nanchangjue American public action center, activities of plush toys will be collected through the rise of American public action center of Nanchang gifts into the hands of needy children living in poverty.

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