Yangzhou Plush Toys Are Forced To Cut Prices

- Jul 30, 2016-

Zhiqian, unilateral Yuan appreciation, plush toys, let me export enterprises complain incessantly. This year, the Yuan depreciated, plush toy companies can take a breath? Results may not that optimistic.

"It has some bargaining power of customers come to us and asked us to bring down the prices of export commodities. "City operating a stuffed head of export enterprises, Yuan said. Reporter learned yesterday from a number of foreign trade enterprises, the city entered into the new year in export orders, plush toys are likely to cut 3%-5%.

Foreign face

Currency and prices

Yesterday, the Yuan-dollar central parity is set to 6.5302. If a year ago, orders of 6.12 Yuan exchange rate against the dollar, Yuan bosses estimate, equivalent to profits of thickening of the theory of 6.7%.

"Renminbi devaluation at first, I was very happy. On one hand, the same dollars can buy Yuan, meaning that export earnings increased. "Master Yuen said the company signed the contract in the first half of last year, half were delivered in the settlement, and half did not settle. That this has not yet been settled half of the business, will give the company a certain amount of value-for-money profits.

However, Yuan boss probably will face is that the benefits have not tasted a bunch of trouble. During the Spring Festival, a foreign customer on the phone asked prices got to the point he talks about Exchange-rate depreciation would not quite happy.

"The other side says, Renminbi devaluation this year, calling for" depreciation bonus "split. "Master Yuen said, it would mean that in the new order, plush toys are likely to cut 3%.

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