Yangzhou Plush Toys To Catch The European Championships

- Jul 30, 2016-

Euro 2016 opened, fans around the world will enter a month-long "Europe". In Yangzhou, also have a group of people, in busy European Championship.

At the height of summer, is the off-season of plush toy sales. However, the European championships this year and the Shanghai Disney Park, but brought new business opportunities to the Yangzhou's plush toy. Yangzhou euro toy manufacturers to push for "strong wind", plush toys made two months in advance. In European football, but also ushered in the Yangzhou Puppet.

Two months earlier, for the European Championship, "rush"

Normally, in such weather, plush toy is hard to sell. In the market, most store owners sitting in front of a computer, or watching movies or playing games.

"It is low season, we will be busy in the second half. "William in stores on Taobao and Alibaba. He said a few recent orders, in addition to receiving the occasional wedding doll orders, few people are willing to in mid-summer, buy a look very "hot" plush toys.

However, at another store, but when "busy". As with a boss shop, nor a customer in his store. However, in a talk with reporters, he is "popping" type, for fear of missing an order.

Where his orders come from? It turns out that shop another store when there is no goods-plush football. This is especially made for the European Championship.

"I'm a fan, I am planning after the Spring Festival, euro can make a number of" football ", sold to Europe. "Mr said that in order to get on the euro's" East wind ", his family's factory two months in advance, rushed out a group of" football ".

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